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"My collaboration with Rishworth Aviation started 2 years ago when they offered me a contract in Africa. I have really enjoyed            the astonishing cooperation characterized by professionalism, understanding and very efficient, consistent support and fair representation of me.

I really enjoy flying over Africa and at the same time the extent of professionalism and unbiased standards that Rishworth offers.

I sincerely appreciate their responsiveness to my requests and the professional and friendly way they have treated me throughout these two years.

I feel that this relationship will last many years. I can rely on the dependable services offered by Rishworth Aviation in order to make critical decisions for my future as an Airline pilot."

Captain Zafeirakis Charalampos, B735 Captain


"I feel excellent to be represented by Rishworth Aviation. I received great support in the whole process of my selection including collecting the documentation required to be selected for the job and I am thankful for the team of people who help me.  Thank you very much."

I. Aboulhoson,  ATR 42 First Officer

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"All the airline staff have treated me with courtesy and respect and I have already made a number of friends in the short period I have been here. The schedules are quite comfortable and the airplanes have excellent maintenance by Lufthansa's engineers.

The Chief Pilot, Fleet Manager, Director of Training and just about everyone else, locals and expats have been very friendly and helping me find a place to live and showing me around the city.

Before joining Rishworth Aviation I had been both a direct employee with Airlines in America, Asia and the Middle East but by far the contract that Rishworth got me in Africa has been the best of all."

Capt. Alvaro Franco Herrera, CRJ200 Captain

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Africa Pilot Jobs

Africa Pilot Jobs Rishworth Aviation is recruiting type rated pilots for airline jobs in Africa on a range of fleets including the A320 family,  B737NG, CRJ, and ERJ aircraft. With a land mass encompassing over 30 million sq. km, representing 1/5 of the world's total land area, Africa offers spectacular landscapes and varied cultures. Rishworth Aviation's competitive contracts offer a great opportunity to work in this exciting continent. Good commute and travel benefits are usually offered with our African contracts.


Aviation Jobs in Africa

Listed are some of the pilot jobs that have been available in Africa.

  • B737 TRI/TRE
  • B737NG Captain
  • B737NG First Officer
  • B735 Captain
  • B735 First Officer
  • A319 TRI/TRE
  • A319 Captain
  • A319 First Officer
  • CRJ200 TRI Captain
  • ERJ135/145 TRI/TRE
  • ERJ135/145 Captain

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About Africa and the regions Rishworth Aviation has opportunities

Flying over Africa is simply stunning; the constant changes of the magnificent scenery will always hold the interest of a pilot. The dawn above the permanent snow-covered peak of Mt Kilimanjaro; the sunset over the Serengeti; midday over the unexplored jungles of the Congo, where the sun's rays never reach the ground; and the sweet afternoon breeze in the Ivory Coast will be indelibly etched in your memory. Day to day life with the friendly locals make pilots continue to fly in this welcoming and challenging continent. Only exciting memories will accompany your decision to select Africa as your next flying destination.

Africa has abundant natural resources; due to the vast size of the landmass, it is heavily reliant on air transport for both passengers and freight. Rishworth Aviation supplies personnel to clients in countries of Southern, Eastern and Northern Africa.

Southern Africa

Southern Africa's landscape varies between grasslands, forests and deserts.  Afrikaans, English and Bantu-based dialects make up the most common languages spoken in Southern Africa. Southern Africa is home to significant wildlife, resulting in considerable tourism.

Eastern Africa

The stunning landscapes and natural features such as Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya and the concentrations of wild animals such as elephants, buffalo, lion, gorillas, leopard and rhino, have made countries in East Africa popular tourist destinations. 

Northern Africa

North Africa is famous for the Sahara desert, the Atlas mountains, and countries such as Egypt and Morocco. As a result, the region has a vast number of annual visitors.

Image for Airline Pilots in Africa           Atlas Mountains        Africa pilot jobs image

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With exciting international pilot jobs frequently available in North, South and East Africa, the opportunities available to work in Africa are fantastic! If you don't see your ideal flying job in Africa listed below right now, please ensure you're registered with us so we can let you know about any new opportunities that arise!!

There are 9 jobs featured in PILOT JOBS IN AFRICA.

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    Air Mauritius A319 First Officers
    Contract Term: 3 years
    Location/Base: Port Louis, Mauritius
    Ref #: 1813
  • MORE look at this
    Air Mauritius A330 | A340 First Officers
    Contract Term: 3 years
    Location/Base: Port Louis, Mauritius
    Ref #: 1812
  • MORE look at this
    Air Arabia Maroc A320 Captains **Urgent Requirement
    Contract Term: 12 months with possibility of extension
    Location/Base: Casablanca, Nador, Tangier, Marrakesh or Fez in Morocco. The base will probably vary during the term of the contract.
    Ref #: 1809
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    Royal Air Maroc ERJ-190 First Officers
    Contract Term: 12 month, renewable
    Location/Base: Casablanca
    Ref #: 1798
  • MORE look at this
    Royal Air Maroc B737NG First Officers
    Contract Term: 12 month, renewable
    Location/Base: Casablanca
    Ref #: 1797
  • MORE look at this
    RwandAir A330 First Officer
    Contract Term: 2 years contract renewable
    Location/Base: Kigali, Rwanda
    Ref #: 1590
  • MORE look at this
    RwandAir A330 Captain
    Contract Term: 2 years contract renewable
    Location/Base: Kigali, Rwanda
    Ref #: 1589
  • MORE look at this
    RwandAir B737NG First Officers
    Contract Term: 3 years contract with extension possibility
    Location/Base: Kigali, Rwanda
    Ref #: 1558
  • MORE look at this
    RwandAir B737NG Captain
    Contract Term: 3 years contract with extension possibility
    Location/Base: Kigali, Rwanda
    Ref #: 1376

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