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"In Rishworth Aviation I have found efficiency, integrity and a partner, ready and willing to be of assistance in every way. I enjoy every minute of flying for Garuda Indonesia in the CRJ 1000 Next Gen, which is the top of the range model in the CRJ Series. Indonesian people are the friendliest and most hospitable people I have ever come across and have made each minute of my presence here a real pleasure. To any pilot considering a contract with Rishworth Aviation and Garuda Indonesia, I offer my unreserved recommendation."

- CRJ1000 PIC Nyamodi, Garuda Indonesia 

"So far I love being and flying here. Indonesian people are really lovely and it is a delight to work with them!"

- ATR72 PIC Piquemal, Garuda Indonesia 

"I have been working in Indonesia less than a year and it has been a very rewarding experience to know this beautiful country and this prestigious company. What impresses me most about Indonesia is the warmth of its people, especially within the company where we are treated with respect and consideration."

- ATR72 PIC Hoyos, Garuda Indonesia 

"I have been working for Garuda Indonesia through Rishworth Aviation now for 8 months, since Oct 2014 and I have only good things to say from both, Garuda Indonesia and Rishworth Aviation. Rishworth Aviation has always been very supportive from the beginning of the screening process, giving all of us pilots very good and important hints, and still is. Rishworth Aviation staff will always try to help you and guide you in order to make you success and make this great adventure as pleasurable both professionally and personally as possible. Garuda Indonesia staff is unbeatable; they are professional, proactive and willing to go the extra mile."

- ATR72 FO Menguez, Garuda Indonesia

"I have been working for Wings Air through Rishworth Aviation since 2011. My experience with Rishworth has been excellent; they have always been very supportive and always attentive to any need I have had throughout this time. Wings Air made me feel like part of the family from the beginning. The bosses are very communicative with all the pilots, so this makes everything easy. The company is solid and the work environment is optimal. My family and I are very happy living in Bali. The air is clean, people are nice and friendly, the culture and history are amazing with many temples and places to visit. There are also many expatriates from all around the world living here, so you can easily find products we find in Europe, Australia or US. There are also many restaurants with food from all around the world. The cost of living in Bali is excellent (low) too. Personally the experience to work with Rishworth and Wings Air has been amazing.   

- ATR72 PIC Villegas, Wings Air

"Working with Wings Air has been a marvellous experience since I have been in wonderful and unique places, flying with brand new aircrafts with good safety programs and maintenance, friendly ground and cabin staff. The Rishworth support has given me the confidence of a stable and enjoyable assignment."

 - ATR72 TRE Perez, Wings Air 

Working with Rishworth Aviation while on contract in Indonesia

Over the past decade Rishworth Aviation has provided pilots with aviation jobs within various Airlines operating out of Indonesia. Through our long established presence in Indonesia plus more than 20 years working within South East Asia, we have developed an appreciation of living and working in these markets.

We have a experienced market representative on hand to provide ongoing support throughout your contract. This combined with our comprehensive understanding of the Indonesian culture, lifestyle, and visa/work permit and licensing requirements, ensures you will make the most of your pilot job opportunities in Indonesia.


Tracy Maulitua - Indonesia RepresentativeTracy Marulitua - Indonesia Representative: I have been working with Rishworth Aviation as the Indonesia Representative for over 12 years. My experience in the aviation sector in Indonesia extends back 15 years, which includes leasing pilots as well as contract training through Air New Zealand. I have lived and worked in Indonesia for a total of 11 years and I speak fluent bahasa Indonesia


Aviation Industry in Indonesia

Tourism is essential to the Indonesian economy with more than 6 million international tourists visiting the country each year.  And with its geography consisting of thousands of islands, air transportation is of key importance. Indonesia contains over 65 airports, catering for millions of passengers on domestic and international flights.


Indonesia Pilot Jobs

China Captain Jobs

With its stunning volcanic geography and melting pot of people, Indonesia is rich in opportunities for adventure. Rishworth Aviation is recruiting type rated pilots for airline jobs in Indonesia on a range of fleets including A320, B737NG, B737EFIS, and ATR72-500/600 aircraft. With competitive contracts Rishworth Aviation offers an exciting opportunity to work and live within Indonesia's stimulating fusion of nature and culture.



Airline Overviews

Lion Air

Lion Air operates to more than 36 destinations throughout Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam with up to 226 flights each day.  The airline continues to increase its destinations in line with plans to provide extensive coverage of the Asia Pacific region.

Since taking to the skies in 2000, Lion Air (PT Lion Mentari Airlines) is firmly established as Indonesia's largest private carrier. The airline operates a mixed fleet consisting largely of B737EFIS and B737NG-900ER.  With an additional 151 B737-900ER aircraft on order, Lion Air is set to become the largest operator of this type in the world.

Wings Air- Now recruiting ATR72-500/600 TRE/TRI/PIC

PT Wings Air is a subsidiary of Lion Air. Since 2003, Wings Air has supported Lion Air by operating feeder routes to its main hubs, with their fleet of MD82, ATR72 and Q300 aircraft.

In 2009 Wings Air signed a $600 million deal with ATR involving 15 orders of ATR 72-500 aircraft with a further 15 options for the new ATR 72-600 aircraft. These will replace the airline’s MD-82 and MD-83 aircraft to standardise the fleet over time.

Batik Air

Lion Mentari Co. Ltd, operating as Batik Air, is a full-service airline as a Lion Group subsidiary. Headquartered in Jakarta Indonesia, Batik Air currently provides domestic services with their A320 and B737NG fleets throughout Indonesia. 


PT Citilink Indonesia, operating as Citilink, is a Low-Cost Subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia, established in 2001. The current fleet consists of 45 Airbus A320 and 4 Airbus A320neo, with up to 31 Airbus 320neos on order. Citilink serves 42 domestic routes 184 daily frequencies to 23 cities across Indonesia from its two hubs in Jakarta and Surabaya. 

BatikairWings Air JobsCitilink


Jakarta - Your base in Indonesia

Located in Southeast Asia and stretching across the equator, the Republic of Indonesia is a country comprising of over 17,000 islands, with 6000 of these populated by the country’s 240 million people. On the north-west coast of the island, Java, sits the country’s vibrant capital Jakarta.

Alive with activity, cosmopolitan Jakarta is Indonesia’s industrial, commercial and transportation heartbeat. It is here you find Soekarno-Hatta International Airport - the operating hub for both Garuda Indonesia and Wings Air.

For foreign contract pilots living in Indonesia, Jakarta is the ideal base from which to explore and become engrossed in the city and wider Indonesia’s spectacular geographical and cultural diversity.

  Pilot Jobs .

There are 7 jobs featured in PILOT JOBS IN INDONESIA.

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    Citilink A320 TRI | New Opportunity | Short term contract
    Contract Term: 6 months, with the possibility of renewal
    Location/Base: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ref #: 1814
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    Batik Air - A320 Captains - New Opportunity!
    Contract Term: 5 years renewable
    Location/Base: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ref #: 1811
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    Lion Air B737 NG Captains - NEW IMPROVED TERMS!
    Contract Term: 5 years (renewable on a 2+2+1 basis)
    Location/Base: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ref #: 1557
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    Wings Air ATR72-500/600 Captain
    Contract Term: 5 years (renewable on a 2+2+1 basis)
    Location/Base: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ref #: 1143
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    Wings Air ATR72-500/600 TRI
    Contract Term: 5 years (renewable on a 2+2+1 basis)
    Location/Base: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ref #: 1090
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    Wings Air ATR72-500/600 TRE
    Contract Term: 5 years (renewable on a 2+2+1 basis)
    Location/Base: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ref #: 1089
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    B737NG Command Upgrade Program - Lion Air (Expressions of Interest)
    Contract Term: 5 year contract
    Location/Base: Jakarta or Bali
    Ref #: 990

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