Pilot Job: Air Japan B767 NTR First Officers + Command Opportunity! (Airbus Experience)

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Contract Term: 5 years, with possible extensions to age 65
Location/Base: Narita, Japan
Ref #: 958
Aircraft Type: B767
Rank: First Officer

Minimum Requirements

    • 3,000 + total flight experience and 500 + commercial jet hours (Boeing or Airbus airline experience preferred)
    • 250 hours PIC (of which 70 hours can be PIC and remaining can be PICUS) OR 500 hours PICUS/P1 Under Supervision
    • 100 hours PIC or PICUS Cross Country; 200 hours Cross Country
    • 100 hours Night Flight; 75 hours Instrument Flight required
    • Valid ICAO ATPL & Class 1 Medical Certificate
    • Valid Jet Aircraft Command Rating or Jet Aircraft Type Rating with a Command Instrument Rating
    • ICAO Level 4 English
    • Date of last flight on jet aircraft within the last 12 months

Please contact amanda.delacruz@rishworthaviation.com for more information. 


  • Great Career Development
  • An excellent opportunity to fly the B767!
  • Excellent pay and allowances, including accommodation and commuting allowance
  • At least 10 consecutive days off at home each month! 

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