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We are actively working with airlines and MRO providers to recruit Management and Support roles in Aircraft Maintenance. Please REGISTER to be notified of new opportunities as they become available.


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​Engineering Management & Support Jobs Market Outlook

We are seeing high demand for qualified staff in certain areas of Engineering & Maintenance as aircraft are moved out of storage and MRO & CAMO operations increase. Leaders who can manage quality, fleet readiness, supply chain, and other critical functions will keep increasing as leisure travel recovers. We urge candidates to evaluate their ability to step into a range of different aircraft maintenance roles as they consider their next career move.


​"I am currently working with Air Peace as an Aviation Quality Auditor, thanks to Rishworth Aviation. Rishworth Aviation assisted me in landing this role with the fastest growing airline and the biggest in Nigeria and West Africa. I will forever be grateful."
D. Ofori, Aviation Quality Auditor, Air Peace