Rise in aircraft demand to create aviation job opportunities

Rise in aircraft demand to create aviation job opportunities

Published: 02-January-2011

Airbus has raised its projected number of aircraft purchases over the next 20 years by nearly 1,000 - now anticipating demand for nearly 26,000 new passenger and cargo planes.

The company has estimated that 15,000 of these will be extensions to current fleets, which will create a significant rise in the number of flight crew jobs and maintenance jobs needed to staff them.

The company has predicted that the rise in fleet numbers will prove particularly lucrative to pilots, with each additional airliner to the world fleet creating 10 to 14 pilot jobs. Airbus said the most significant growth will be seen in the Asia Pacific region, with one third of all worldwide passenger traffic generated from the area by 2029.

The company is viewing the global economic recovery as stronger than previously predicted, with the smaller airline and domestic carrier category showing particular strength.

The growth in demand for airliners is, in turn, expected to support a boom in aviation and flight schools, such as the hundreds that have been established in Florida in recent years. Thousands of pilots have trained at these schools, which can offer training programs ranging from Cessna 152s to full-sized commercial aircraft.

By Caroline Clayfield on 20-Dec-2010

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