Our Team

Our dedicated and professional teams comprise of industry experts with a wealth of experience including a detailed knowledge of contacting matters, market benefit levels, licensing and training issues. Our international network of affiliate offices and agents enables us to keep fully up-to-date on world-wide industry news and global aerospace trends.

Europe and Africa Team
Captain Torkel Waak (Rtd)

Captain Torkel Waak (Rtd) - Executive Director

I joined Rishworth as a consultant in the nineties when I was a B744 captain with EVA Air in Taipei, Taiwan. Once back in my home country Sweden again, I set up Rishworth’s Stockholm Office. That was in 2003 and by then I had spent close to 40 years as an airline line and management pilot with SAS, EVA Air and Novair, mostly flying heavy jets. Helping airlines find cost efficient resourcing solutions, and at the same time offer pilots and engineers new exciting work opportunities, is a job I really enjoy. To me the Stockholm archipelago is the most beautiful place on earth and that’s where I'd rather spend my spare time.  Jazz is my kind of music - to name just one favourite would be the pianist Keith Jarrett.

Claudia Dahlgren

Claudia Dahlgren - Lead Senior Consultant

Since joining Rishworth Aviation, I have enjoyed recruiting pilots and cabin crew. My background is within the travel industry having worked at Qantas and as a travel agency branch manager in my home country New Zealand. In my spare time you will either find me studying to complete my Bachelor of Arts Psychology major, with family and friends in the outdoors or travelling.

Sean Preston

Sean Preston - Legal and Business Coordinator

I started at Rishworth Aviation working in the legal and compliance side of the business. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the aviation industry, where I’ve had the opportunity to develop good working relationships with both our pilots and our client airlines. I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland, and now work in the Rishworth Aviation Europe Office in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a qualified lawyer in Sweden, and also have a Bachelor of Laws degree from Ireland. In my time off, I play music and also love to travel.

Cristina Onisor

Cristina Onisor - Recruitment and Compliance Consultant

I work in the Stockholm, Sweden office assisting our Airlines and pilots based in Africa and Europe. I am originally from Bucharest, Romania. I enjoy assisting pilots from all over the world and have a passion for aviation and working in a multicultural environment. I have a Masters in Law degree and prior to joining Rishworth, I worked in HR in an international law student association. When not working I enjoy art, cycling and spending time with family and friends.

Ozlem Ergun

Ozlem Ergun - Recruitment and Compliance Consultant

Prior to joining the Rishworth Aviation Stockholm team, I had worked as a legal consultant both in Istanbul and Brussels. I provide assistance to our pilots and client airlines at different stages of their recruitment and with compliance procedures. I hold a Bachelor of Law from Istanbul University and a Master's degree in European Studies from the University of Vienna. After working in the transport and maritime industry sectors for several years, I thoroughly enjoy exploring the commercial aviation industry.

Asia Pacific, Middle East and Americas Team
Laura Harrison

Laura Harrison - Recruitment Consultant

I grew up in Auckland and prior to joining Rishworth, I was working for 5 years in Wholesale Travel. I look forward to developing my role with Rishworth and working within the aviation industry which has always fascinated me. When I'm not at work I enjoy cycling and spending time with my family.

Leanne Boggs

Leanne Boggs - Recruitment Consultant

Since joining Rishworth Aviation, I have been lucky enough to work across most of our contracts in the Asia-Pacific region. I have enjoyed learning about the exciting aviation industry and my focus is now on recruitment for Vietnam Airlines. Prior to working for Rishworth I spent 7 years in generalist Human Resources roles across a wide range of industries and hold a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology. I love to travel and experience different cultures.

Amanda de la Cruz

Amanda de la Cruz - Recruitment Consultant

My background is in Wholesale Travel where I worked for 6 years before joining Rishworth Aviation. I am a born and bred Aucklander, and in my spare time I enjoy socialising with my family and friends. I am looking forward to assisting Pilots find their perfect role through Rishworth Aviation.

Cynthia Wilson

Cynthia Wilson - Recruitment Consultant

My name is Cynthia Wilson and I am based in Rishworth Aviation's Auckland office. I was born in China and moved to New Zealand many years ago. I have a Bachelor degree from the University of Auckland majoring in International Business and Marketing. I previously worked as a Legal Executive for an Auckland law firm. It is my passion to assist others in realizing their career goals and I enjoy dealing with people from different cultures.

Kirsty Watson

Kirsty Watson - Recruitment Consultant

My passion for aviation has brought me to Rishworth Aviation. I have previously worked in customer service and administration, and am currently studying Aviation Management and Human Resources at Massey University. Outside of work, I enjoy snowboarding and travelling.

Isabel Manzarbeitia

Isabel Manzarbeitia - Recruitment Consultant

I am originally from Spain and I am fluent in both Spanish and English. Before joining Rishworth Aviation, I worked in the events and tourism sector in Spain and Ireland. I define myself as a “people person” and I truly enjoy helping Pilots from all over the world achieve their career goals. When not working I like to practice yoga, ballet, easy-cooking and do-it-yourself activities.

Carlene Yakas

Carlene Yakas - Recruitment Consultant

I have worked in the recruitment industry for around 15 years. I enjoy the fast paced, dynamic environment recruitment offers. Planes, airports and travelling to exotic destinations, has always excited me so working at Rishworth is the perfect combination. I enjoy dealing with pilots from all over the world, helping them achieve their goal of working for Korean Air.

Francina Gomes

Francina Gomes - Recruitment Consultant

I have always been fascinated by the Aviation industry and I look forward to developing my role with Rishworth. My hands-on experience in the Travel, Recruitment and Immigration industries enables me to offer great support to Pilots from all over the world, in finding them suitable and exciting opportunities. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, travelling, and cooking.

Judith Erren

Judith Erren - Senior Consultant

I provide support to some of our key airline clients and to the pilots on contract at these airlines. Before I made New Zealand my home I lived in my home country Germany, and Australia. Prior to joining Rishworth I worked at law firms, specialising in European employment and commercial law. I hold an LL.M. from Australia and law degrees from Germany. I thoroughly enjoy the aviation industry and providing a professional service to our pilots and airlines. In my free time I enjoy zumba, tennis, kitesurfing and kayaking, and anything else beautiful New Zealand has on offer.

Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor - Senior Consultant

I assist with looking after clients and pilots in the Asia Pacific region. I have a legal background and have practiced law in New Zealand and the UK. I also spent two years in Amsterdam as a Contracts Manager for an aircraft leasing company where I developed an interest in the aviation industry. I love to travel and enjoy winter sports.

Angela Hogg

Angela Hogg - Regional Manager

Since joining Rishworth, I have enjoyed working closely with our pilots and airline clients in South-East Asia. My background includes working as an environmental lawyer in New Zealand, together with a number of years experience in various areas of the hotel industry. Having also spent some time in Japan, I have conversational Japanese language skills. I love to travel and enjoy meeting and dealing with people from all parts of the globe.

Paul Gillick

Paul Gillick - Regional Manager

I assist principally with our pilots and client airlines in Japan & China. I previously worked as a lawyer in Dublin gaining experience in aircraft finance and also spent some time working for a bike tour company organising trips throughout Europe. When not at work, I love cycling, snowboarding & exploring New Zealand.

Jason Cochrane

Jason Cochrane - Regional Director - South East Asia and Pacific

Upon completing my tertiary education I worked in various management positions within New Zealand's Forestry and Horticulture and also held various management positions within the Logistics sector prior to joining Rishworth Aviation. At Rishworth, my role is to focus on new business development and current client management within South East Asia and the Pacific region.

Liz Loveridge

Liz Loveridge - Regional Director - North East Asia

In my many years with Rishworth, I have been involved in all aspects of the business, having worked with the majority of our client airlines in the Asia Pacific region. I have over 18 years experience in aviation and general recruitment and previously I was a lawyer working in UK and New Zealand. When not travelling and experiencing all of the history, arts and culture around the world that I love; I am happy enjoying the fantastic outdoors, food and wine that New Zealand has to offer. I look forward to working with you.

Market Representatives
Captain Rick Nardine

Captain Rick Nardine - Vietnam Airlines Pilot Support

I began with Rishworth as an A320 Line Captain in Vietnam, and successfully transitioned to Captain the A330. I have travelled to most countries in this part of the world and have lived and worked in more than 13 countries in South East Asia, Europe and the Americas. I have command ratings on both Airbus and Boeing and more than 30 years aviation experience - the last 14 years of which have been for Vietnam Airlines. I really enjoy working as a member of the Pilot Support team, greeting new recruits and helping pilots adjust to the 'Vietnamese way'. I also enjoy travel, golf, night life, food and beer.

Captain Russell Backhouse

Captain Russell Backhouse - Jetstar Pacific Pilot Support

I am the Pilot Support Representative for Rishworth Aviation in Vietnam. I am an Australian and my flying role is with Jetstar Pacific. My family and I are based in Hanoi and I hold the position of Jetstar Pacific Hanoi Base/Airbus Fleet Support Manager. Whilst I have over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry, I have spent a good portion of the last 15 years working under an agency contract in various Asian bases (this being my second Rishworth contract). Therefore, I certainly understand the elements of working under an agency agreement in a foreign country and the support that a pilot and their family may be seeking from an on the ground agency support representative.

Ms Binh

Ms Binh - Vietnam Representative

Xin chào from Vietnam! I am proud to be a part of the Rishworth Aviation team, working with our pilots around Vietnam. From the initial screening process, to your start in country and beyond, I look forward to supporting you, and your families, with whatever you need. I am available to assist and advise on finding housing, schooling, opening bank accounts, travel tips, and any other matters regarding ex-patriate life in Vietnam. I love travelling and meeting people from other cultures and I look forward to welcoming you soon too!

Nguyen Trung

Nguyen Trung - Vietnam Representative

Xin Chao. It has been my great pleasure to work with Rishworth Aviation as the Vietnam Representative. I am proud of having welcomed hundreds of pilots to come and work in Vietnam from all over the world. I really enjoy working with people with different characteristics and cultures. I love travelling and meeting with people. I play tennis, listen to music and take photos during my free time.

Captain Francisco Garcia

Captain Francisco Garcia - Skymark Pilot Representative

I have been flying in Japan since 2008 and have been on contract with Rishworth Aviation when I joined Skymark Airlines as a B737NG Captain. Before moving to Japan, I was based in the Dominican Republic for 19 years working for a large American company flying corporate jets and helicopters. I live in Tokyo with my wife and my 2 youngest children, who attend the local Japanese school close to our home. My wife is now taking Japanese class and starting a business in the import-export area. In our spare time we enjoy going on camping trips around Japan.

Captain Sergey Popov

Captain Sergey Popov - Korean Air Pilot Support

I began on contract with Rishworth Aviation when I joined as a B777 Captain flying for Korean Air. I remain in this position and for the last 5 years I also have been working as an Auditor in the Flight Operation Quality Assurance Department. Prior to this I flew for more than 21 years with Aeroflot, progressing from First Officer on a turboprop to wide body jet Captain whilst also holding management positions. I look forward to working with you.

Adhi Siregar

Adhi Siregar - Indonesia Representative

My name is Adhi Siregar and I hold a master's degree in Management. I have worked in the logging and forestry industries, insurance, product distribution and for the last 5 years I have been self employed. I am now enjoying working in the aviation industry. I like to help people and so it is my pleasure to help Rishworth Aviation pilots who fly in Indonesia. When I'm not at work, I enjoy time with my children, going to the cinema, and I help a baseball club as a Research and Development coordinator.

Tracy Marulitua

Tracy Marulitua - Indonesia Representative

I have been working with Rishworth Aviation as the Indonesia Representative for over 12 years. My experience in the aviation sector in Indonesia extends back 15 years, which includes leasing pilots as well as contract training through Air New Zealand. I have lived and worked in Indonesia for a total of 11 years and I speak fluent bahasa Indonesia

Tsutomu Terashima

Tsutomu Terashima - Japan Representative

I have over 35 years of experience in aviation industry, mostly in various management roles with Air New Zealand’s Japan Office. I am primarily focused on assisting with the development of new core business, relationship management, and concise communications in the Japan market. It is a privilege and a pleasure using my knowledge and experience in what I do for clients, pilots and Rishworth Aviation. In my spare time I enjoy meeting with Mr.Green (Golf) - a difficult sport!

Vinod Suri

Vinod Suri - India Representative

After retiring from Air India as General Manager, I joined Rishworth as a Senior Advisor. I am a Chartered Accountant, a law graduate and have extensive experience in various finance roles with Air India in Hong Kong, Nairobi, New York and India. I am based in Mumbai and assist Rishworth for all aspects of business in India including supporting pilots on assignment in India, liaison with our airline clients in India, and business development in the region. My hobbies are reading, movies, music, cricket and travelling.

Jack Jiang

Jack Jiang - China Representative

Hello, I am Rishworth Aviation's South China Representative. Based in Guanzhou, I was born in Guizhou province before moving to Zhuhai, Guangdong province. I am a graduate of Haerbin University of Science & Technology with a degree in Business Administration. I have a background in human resources and customer service and enjoy helping our client Airlines and Pilots during the screening and joining process and adapting to work and life in China.Together with our team in China and New Zealand, I look forward to working with you and providing the best possible assistance and support.

Angela Li

Angela Li - China Representative

I am Rishworth Aviation's Beijing-based representative, assisting our client airlines and pilots throughout mainland China. Born and raised in China, I am fluent in both Chinese and English.I have completed a Bachelor degree at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts majoring in International Cultural Communication. Having joined Rishworth Aviation in 2014 it is my passion to assist others in realising their career goals, and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your new role.

Mark East

Mark East - Managing Director

I joined Rishworth after the purchase of the business by the management team and investors from the founder in 2005. I feel privileged to be part of the Rishworth team, and to be helping crews find new and exciting opportunities with our clients around the globe. Rishworth has become one of the leading companies in its field through a dedication and passion for delivering a high level of service and for doing the best we can for all of our clients and crews. Please read our client and pilot testimonials. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, mountain biking, fly fishing and running.

Paul Bray

Paul Bray - Chief Financial Officer

Following a background of accounting roles within event management and road and air freight industries, I joined Rishworth in 2013. I take pleasure in leading our finance team where we strive to provide the best levels of service possible to supporting our clients and pilots. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family as well as exploring our beautiful country.

Jonathan McWatt

Jonathan McWatt - Marketing Director

Prior to joining Rishworth Aviation I obtained a Masters in Commerce degree and held commercial and marketing roles at Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines. I have a strong passion for the aviation industry and have the pleasure of ensuring Rishworth Aviation is the leading agency of choice for both our pilots and airline clients. Away from work you'll find me playing tennis and enjoying time with my young family.

Office contact details for Auckland & Sweden

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Europe & Africa office details
Location Sweden
Phone +46 (0) 8304600
Fax +46 (0) 8342200
Email stockholm@rishworthaviation.com
Asia, Pacific, Middle East & the Americas office details
Location New Zealand
Phone +64 9 302 0080
Fax +64 9 302 0078
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