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"Rishworth has always responded promptly to our enquiries and they have demonstrated high competence in finding good solutions to our requests. We find Rishworth a trustworthy partner.We can recommend Rishworth Aviation to any Airline looking for suitable crews."

Captain Torstein Hoås, Chief Pilot, Norwegian Air Shuttle




Why Choose Rishworth Aviation

Global Aviation Recruitment and Leasing Specialists

Since 1985, Rishworth Aviation is proud to have served more than 100 clients in over 40 countries.  Our database of 90,000 Aviation Professionals from 150 countries, expands by 5000 new candidates every year. With offices in Auckland, Stockholm, and local representation in China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and England, we have an experienced and highly qualified team selected to deliver outstanding service.

Rishworth is highly competent in the international field of air crew supply and management. They are highly respectable and trustworthy..."

Mr Mun Kyung Jung, Contract Pilot Administration Team, Korean Air

Aviation Jobs - Success Through Collaboration

Our can-do attitude and responsive approach gives us a leading edge in aviation recruitment and crew leasing. We create mutually beneficial partnerships between our client airlines and crew, ensuring success for all parties.

We appreciate Rishworth's skilful management, professionalism and a broad network from which to recruit excellent pilots..."

Mr Eiji Fukunaga, Senior Vice President, Flight Operations, Skynet Asia Airways Co.Ltd

Personal Approach to Aviation Recruitment and Crew Leasing

We're about people. People in business and people in partnership. We succeed in aviation recruitment through engaging outstanding individuals with a strong team spirit. Dependable, solid, experienced and trustworthy - we deliver.

They have developed excellent relationships with our own personnel and with their contractors, ensuring that the pilots are happy with their contract and are performing well for Vietnam Airlines."

Captain Hoang Van Manh, Chief Pilot, Vietnam Airlines

Long-term commitment

We value our long-standing relationships with our clients which have developed and strengthened over the years.

Rishworth Aviation has been a valued partner... The team at Rishworth has always taken the time to understand our business and our needs fully and has played an integral role in the airline's success."

Mr Stephen Ackland, Manager Aircraft Operations, Pacific Blue

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the aviation industry and let us source, secure and manage the right Aviation Professionals for your operation.

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