Staff Leasing Services

Leasing is a proven, highly effective model used by the aviation industry to engage personnel & crew. Providing value for both short term projects or long term staffing solutions.

Leasing is an alternative model for workforce engagement. By using this model you can create a customised solution for your operations through scalable engagement of the right personnel, at the right time. We help you build an operationally and financially optimised model for both you and the personnel who are engaged. 

How Leasing Works

Rishworth Aviation recruits and engages personnel and crew.  Rishworth Aviation works with the client to determine their requirements and once the personnel are selected by the client, Rishworth Aviation then engages and assigns the personnel to the client. The personnel will work directly for the client.

Rishworth Aviation will  take care of  the recruitment, logistics, administrative, pay, HR, communications and contractual responsibilities required for effective assignment of the personnel. This enables the client to focus on core operations by reducing your time commitment, the complexity and the costs in securing and managing personnel. 

​Read our Norwegian case study to learn more about how our leasing model works.

Why Lease through Rishworth Aviation

Experience -  Aviation Personnel & Flight Crew
When recruiting and leasing crew through Rishworth Aviation, you will have access to the largest global flight crew database and proven networks for top aviation professionals. We can deliver innovative solutions for flight crew, cabin crew, flight operations, maintenance and engineering, and technical ground staff and executive positions. 

Flexibility  - Scale and change to meet your future needs 
Rishworth Aviation understands the aviation industry. We will work with you to design the right solution for you. You’ll receive tailor-made leasing solutions that provide the right match for your existing needs with the flexibility to scale and change for the future. Flexibility ensures you can secure specialist aviation personnel for specific projects, seasonal fluctuations, expansion programmes and to meet your longer term needs.

Resource - Effective & Efficient 
Our expert team simplifies staff engagement. This allows you and your team  to stay focused on your business, while reducing management and staff time, costs and complexity. We do this  by taking care of your sourcing, logistics, administrative, pay, HR, communications and contractual responsibilities required for effective staff engagement  - including support across multiple cultures, languages and jurisdictions.

Expertise  - HR, Legal & Financial Expertise
We have deployed and supported 1000’s of personnel across many countries. As a result of this experience, Rishworth Aviation understands the challenges of designing the right staffing models and putting the optimum solution into play. We are experts at working with in-country legal and tax advisors and with the client, ensuring positive, effective and appropriate outcomes. Partnering with a specialist like Rishworth Aviation reduces your risk and uncertainty.

Care - Unmatched Client and Personnel Support
We care. With over 35 years of aviation leasing experience, Rishworth Aviation has a proven track record in working with clients and personnel in over 40 countries. We facilitate constructive working relationships through expert communication, personnel support and  managing feedback.  Our experienced team is dedicated to finding the best solutions for you.

As part of the global Empresaria Group of staffing experts we deliver 

  • Global market intelligence 

  • Compelling client focused solutions 

  • Global crewing experience across multiple jurisdictions  

  • Comprehensive legal, tax and advisory expertise 

  • Access to global aviation professionals and subject matter experts

  • Skilled HR, communications and resolution expertise  

  • Proven medical and income protection insurance products  

Contact Us

​Enquiries for Europe, Africa, and Middle East

Torkel has 40 years of airline experience working as a Line and Management Pilot with SAS, EVA Air, and Novair, and has been involved with Rishworth Aviation for over 20 years. His expertise includes developing bespoke staffing models for the likes of Norwegian Air and Finnair. Torkel’s deep relationships across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East means the Rishworth team is able to quickly understand and deliver to airline requirements.

​Karl has significant recruitment experience in aviation, technology, and executive search. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering as well as a CPL with a frozen ATPL. Karl leads Rishworth's executive recruitment arm.

Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans (maternity leave)
Business Development Manager

Lisa has over 10 years of experience in legal private practice and experience of living and working internationally. At Rishworth Aviation she manages and supports contracts with leading airlines in Europe and Africa, and works closely with airlines to deliver tailored staffing solutions. 

Enquiries for North East Asia

Liz’s experience in the aviation industry spans over 20 years. Over this time, Liz has worked with most of Rishworth’s airline clients across the Asia Pacific region. Having lived and worked in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, Liz has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges for Airlines and Pilots in this region. Liz’s expertise is exemplified through long term relationships with some of the largest airlines in North East Asia.

Enquiries for South East Asia, Pacific and Americas​

Jason supports airlines with their growth requirements in the South East Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas markets. Over his 10 years with Rishworth Aviation, Jason has spent significant time in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and other rapidly developing aviation markets to form partnerships with some of the most successful growing airlines in the region.​

Gretchen has been with Rishworth Aviation for almost 20 years, and during this time has delivered tailored crew leasing and other bespoke staffing solutions to airlines in India and the wider Asia Pacific region. Gretchen draws on her considerable knowledge of aviation staffing models along with her background in Law and Psychology to consult with airlines about their needs, and then develop and deliver solutions with the Rishworth team. 

Client Testimonial

"I have worked with Rishworth Aviation for more than 10 years now. Over this time we have developed a professional relationship built on trust and support. Rishworth is responsive, competent and highly experienced in sourcing flight crew"

- Capt. Fitzgerald, Flight Operations Manager, Wings Air