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Azman Air Pilot & Engineer Jobs

We are seeking A340 TRE, TRI, Captains, First Officers. We are also seeking B1/B2 Engineers on the B737CL and A340.

Azman Air was founded in 2010 and operates domestic flights in Nigeria, as well as services to neighboring Benin. The airline has acquired an A340-600 in preparation for operating international Umrah services. The airline is seeking to acquire an additional A340-600. 

Base: Nigeria 

Screening Process: Complete a Skype interview from the comfort of your own home, and provide documents.

Benefits of Flying with Azman Air

  • Growing airline with newly leased A340-600

  • Free world-class medical insurance provided through Rishworth Aviation

  • Paid tickets home

  • Accommodation provided 

  • Great pay 


"Rishworth’s team of skilled people understood my requirements and helped me move to Nigeria on short notice. I didn’t believe it would be this easy, but through their help it was a pleasant experience. Rishworth has a strong and dedicated team."

Vikesh Nambiar, Engineer (A340), Azman Air Services

Rishworth Aviation and Azman Air

In February 2020 Rishworth Aviation Executive Director Torkel Waak (Rtd. B744 Capt.) met with Azman Air senior management at their head office in Kano, Nigeria. Rishworth Aviation was appointed the exclusive provider of Pilots and other personal for the newly leased A340-600 fleet.

Torkel is pictured with Managing Director Alh Faisal Abdulmunaf, The Accountable Manager, Alh Hadi Abdulmunaf, The Director of Operations, Captain Ibrahim, The Chief Pilot, Captain Habib and Head of Maintenance, Engr Samuel Marcus.

Azman air pilot support

Rishworth Aviation has extensive experience supporting Pilots working in Africa. We support large expat communities of Pilots in Africa, and understand the opportunities and challenges in this market. Rishworth has over 35 years helping Pilots find great new roles. 

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